The deception of simplicity.

Take away my shoes

For they hinder the pain

Of the walk someday

That we’ll endure


Climbing sounds lonely

And I’d give it a try


But I’ve always known to walk


For there are creatures on the ground

That people so often

Bypass their beauty

In search for a prettier being


But I belong among the wilder things


They give me a sense worth feeling


“De la musique avant toute chose”
— Rimbaud


I just want to wear a suit and tie everyday.

“A house is a living encyclopedia, make it worth reading.”
— T.F.

There once was a lady named Clyde. Who juggled in the shadows until she finally lost her balance.

It’s devastating to realize she once held fool’s gold in those same hands that caught her fall.

— T.F.
“This irresistible policy called honesty; think I might start a practice.”